Safe to say, this year has been pretty testing of my patience! Well not only the past year… Let’s do a quick recap of my last 3 years:

2014 June – November: Glandular Fever
2015 July – October: Patella Tendonitis
2016 January – current: Achilles Tendonitis

It has been pretty difficult to get a consistent block of training done over the past couple of years, let alone racing those triathlon things.However, there has been glimpses of hope during this time.

Late last year I was really happy with where my running was at. I was doing a bit of racing on the track, ranging from 1500m up to 5000m races. Geez those 1500s are seriously fast! This really helped me with my running efficiency and speed.

Early January I did my first triathlon of 2016 – a local sprint distance at Kurnell. I had a great race and a cheeky win to get the confidence high… only to be brought down a week later with a chronic achilles injury.  The achilles has prevented me from doing any running at all. I had to withdraw from the Australian ITU Championships race in Devonport, a race I had spent my whole summer training for. ‘OK’ I thought, ‘a great opportunity to work the swim and bike!’ They are going great, but it has taken 7 months for the achilles to finally start to feel like it is settling down.

I have been in Phuket for the last month, adding some variety (and humidity) to my training. I have based my training out of Thanyapura – a five star sports facility here in Thailand. I spent some time here 2 years ago with Michael Murphy and loved it. I’m sure this will become a bit of a regular trip! As it turned out, the boys from the Victorian Institute of Sport Squad are also training out of Thanyapura. A huge thanks to Danielle Stefano and the boys for allowing me to tag along with them for some training. It has been unreal to train in such a high performance squad. Never a dull moment.

Coming up I have the Singapore ITU race this weekend, followed by World University Championships in Switzerland in August. The level of support from UTS Sport has been incredible – 
I cannot thank them enough. Time to turn this pear-shaped year around.


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