Weaknesses to Strengths

So, it has been a rough past couple of months for me with injury. After a little break following Port Stephens triathlon, I was not even into a weeks worth of training when my right knee started giving me some serious grief. After multiple scans, physio appointments, sports doctors appointments and a cortisone shot later, it was diagnosed as patella tendinopathy. Rest was what was required. It was debilitating, any bending of the knee was a pretty chronic task. I was sure it would pass in a couple of days, however this knee was seriously stubborn and after 8 weeks of rest (which almost killed me), I was finally able to jog 20mins pain free. I have been building the running and riding very slowly, and started getting back in the pool a couple of weeks ago. The very extended rest period has left me very keen to get stuck into training for 2016.

As a very last minute decision, 2 weeks ago I decided to race down in Yarrawonga, Victoria for UTS as part of the Australian University triathlon Series. I entered a couple of days before the race when my knee was feeling OK-ish. I went into the race knowing that I had 2 weeks of very light training under the belt, so I didn’t want to kill myself and kept the effort level under the red line.

In the opens race it was just myself, Brad Kahlefeldt and Nathan Buschkuehl. We all swam together, then Brad pushed the opening couple of Kms on the bike. I was able to go with him, then we shared the lead pretty evenly over the 40km bike course. We got off the bike together, and then onto the run Brad took off. I hadn’t done much running and didn’t want to push my knee any harder than I needed to, so I ran to consolidate 2nd behind Brad (and 1st in the Uni Championships category). Considering how little training I had done, I was very pleased to see some fitness still hanging around, with the knee cooperating so far!

S**! I was sore Monday – Thursday! Yes we did get straight in the UTS bus and drive 7 hours home after the race. And yes, I hadn’t done a session over 1.5 hours in over 10 weeks. But, I have never pulled up so sore! I took 2 rest days, then a total of 2 hours of light training over the following 4 days to start to feel better and finally decided last minute to race Nepean on the following Sunday morning. 

Quite to my surprise, I found myself toeing the start line at 7am Sunday morning out at Penrith for a 1km swim/ 30km bike/ 10km run. I really do not have much to report on this race – I swam average, rode average and ran average. I was able to scrape into 9th position, but it was ugly! Anyway, I was very happy to tick this off and earn a couple of weeks worth of rent.

From here, it’s into base training. I will be very slowly building the distance in training, and getting ready to peak in Feb-April 2016 for the Continental Cup races around Australia and Asia. As much as this knee injury has set me back, I am looking at it as a weakness that I have had to identify, and I look forward to turning this into a strength. I am doing my rehab work religiously and will be making sure my body is well conditioned and ready to take on 2016.


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