Back to back weekends of triathlon -ing

Each time I find myself squeezing into my race suit I seem to be feeling better and better! The past two weeks were no exception - racing the NSW Club Champs last weekend and the Port Stephens Triathlon Festival this weekend.

1st - NSW Club Champs

This was my 4th year racing Club Champs for Hills Tri Club – the tri club I first joined when I started triathlon at 15 years old. I love returning to this race every year and hope that it won’t be too long until Hills finally finish on top!

 Quick summary of the race – 1km beach swim. Sat in the front pack, had a swift transition and hit the bike leg. Sam Douglas pushed the 30km windy and wet bike leg and I was able to stay in contact feeling relatively good for a strong 8km run.

The highlight of the day was having Moya and Gabby show up and surprise me before the race! I thought I had finally escaped her for a weekend being a 3.5hr drive north of Sydney. But, I guess that with a car, an aux cable and a couple of Taylor Swift albums on the Iphone, anything is possible!

Then back to Sydney that night to run the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon on Sunday morning with the Can Too group I coach!

1st - Port Stephens

Last weekend I then backed up and raced the Port Stephens Triathlon run by Elite Energy. Conditions were brutal, which caused the swim leg to be cancelled and replaced by a 4km beach run, followed by a 40km bike and 10km run.

As much as I enjoy the swim, the dynamic nature of triathlon demands athletes to be ready for anything. This is the reason why I love the sport – every race is unique, the training focus is changing regularly and you just have to expect the unexpected!

I ran strongly in the opening 4km beach run, making a small gap but nothing that was going to last over the 40km bike leg with a solid little pack of riders just behind me. I thought last weekends wintery conditions in Forster were a bit gross, but Port Stephens really dished up a hammering for all athletes on the bike leg. I have been running well so just played conservative and safe on the bike in the torrential conditons. Some guys at the front of the race with me pulled the pin after 25kms due the rain but I raced on with Fraser Walsh to the finish of the bike. We got off the bike together and I ran well in the windy conditions to post a sub 29min 10km run. Just joking, the course was about 9km, but regardless I felt fairly strong and controlled throughout the run.

Things are looking really positive at the moment, I’m loving racing and really enjoying training with my training partner Dean Deegan (who had a great race at Port Stephens finishing 4th overall). Uni is also almost wrapped up for another semester… happy days!

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