I'm back ... Happy Days!

What a disappointing year 2014 was for me! I fell sick to Glandular Fever for most of the year, unable to put together 2 days of proper training in a row. Not only did I struggle in training but this also affected my headspace big time.  For this reason, my blog has been untouched throughout 2014 as there has been nothing positive to report on!

However in December I started to pick right up and got the all clear from the doc (poor doctor had to sit through a lot of pissed off Kieran visits that year!).

Thanks to the following people who stuck by me all year and helped me get through. Means a lot having these people in my life! (Also big thanks to Joanne Baxas for her constant support)

My family – my rock!

My Girlfriend Moya

And a couple of good mates!

Anyway, being able to train freely again has been unreal. I’m training the best I ever have and I’m starting to put together a couple of good races.

Quick overview of how I have progressed this year:

January: 2nd Nowra Triathlon (turned Aquathon) – Opens
January: 1st Triathlon NSW Sprint Series race 2 – Opens
March: 1st ACT Olympic distance Champs – Elites
March: 3rd Triathlon NSW Sprint Series Race 3 – Opens
April: 1st Triathlon NSW Sprint series race 4 – Opens

Podium at Tri NSW Sprint series

ACT Olympic Distance Championships

With a couple more races over the next couple of weeks lined up, including the Sydney 10, Tri NSW Club Champs and Port Stephens Olympic triathlon, I’m in a good headspace and really looking forward to racing.  2015 is going to be a good year!


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