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Safe to say, this year has been pretty testing of my patience! Well not only the past year… Let’s do a quick recap of my last 3 years:

2014 June – November: Glandular Fever
2015 July – October: Patella Tendonitis
2016 January – current: Achilles Tendonitis

It has been pretty difficult to get a consistent block of training done over the past couple of years, let alone racing those triathlon things.However, there has been glimpses of hope during this time.

Late last year I was really happy with where my running was at. I was doing a bit of racing on the track, ranging from 1500m up to 5000m races. Geez those 1500s are seriously fast! This really helped me with my running efficiency and speed.

Early January I did my first triathlon of 2016 – a local sprint distance at Kurnell. I had a great race and a cheeky win to get the confidence high… only to be brought down a week later with a chronic achilles injury.  The achilles has prevented me from doing any running at all. I had to withdraw from the Australian ITU Championships race in Devonport, a race I had spent my whole summer training for. ‘OK’ I thought, ‘a great opportunity to work the swim and bike!’ They are going great, but it has taken 7 months for the achilles to finally start to feel like it is settling down.

I have been in Phuket for the last month, adding some variety (and humidity) to my training. I have based my training out of Thanyapura – a five star sports facility here in Thailand. I spent some time here 2 years ago with Michael Murphy and loved it. I’m sure this will become a bit of a regular trip! As it turned out, the boys from the Victorian Institute of Sport Squad are also training out of Thanyapura. A huge thanks to Danielle Stefano and the boys for allowing me to tag along with them for some training. It has been unreal to train in such a high performance squad. Never a dull moment.

Coming up I have the Singapore ITU race this weekend, followed by World University Championships in Switzerland in August. The level of support from UTS Sport has been incredible – 
I cannot thank them enough. Time to turn this pear-shaped year around.


Weaknesses to Strengths

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So, it has been a rough past couple of months for me with injury. After a little break following Port Stephens triathlon, I was not even into a weeks worth of training when my right knee started giving me some serious grief. After multiple scans, physio appointments, sports doctors appointments and a cortisone shot later, it was diagnosed as patella tendinopathy. Rest was what was required. It was debilitating, any bending of the knee was a pretty chronic task. I was sure it would pass in a couple of days, however this knee was seriously stubborn and after 8 weeks of rest (which almost killed me), I was finally able to jog 20mins pain free. I have been building the running and riding very slowly, and started getting back in the pool a couple of weeks ago. The very extended rest period has left me very keen to get stuck into training for 2016.

As a very last minute decision, 2 weeks ago I decided to race down in Yarrawonga, Victoria for UTS as part of the Australian University triathlon Series. I entered a couple of days before the race when my knee was feeling OK-ish. I went into the race knowing that I had 2 weeks of very light training under the belt, so I didn’t want to kill myself and kept the effort level under the red line.

In the opens race it was just myself, Brad Kahlefeldt and Nathan Buschkuehl. We all swam together, then Brad pushed the opening couple of Kms on the bike. I was able to go with him, then we shared the lead pretty evenly over the 40km bike course. We got off the bike together, and then onto the run Brad took off. I hadn’t done much running and didn’t want to push my knee any harder than I needed to, so I ran to consolidate 2nd behind Brad (and 1st in the Uni Championships category). Considering how little training I had done, I was very pleased to see some fitness still hanging around, with the knee cooperating so far!

S**! I was sore Monday – Thursday! Yes we did get straight in the UTS bus and drive 7 hours home after the race. And yes, I hadn’t done a session over 1.5 hours in over 10 weeks. But, I have never pulled up so sore! I took 2 rest days, then a total of 2 hours of light training over the following 4 days to start to feel better and finally decided last minute to race Nepean on the following Sunday morning. 

Quite to my surprise, I found myself toeing the start line at 7am Sunday morning out at Penrith for a 1km swim/ 30km bike/ 10km run. I really do not have much to report on this race – I swam average, rode average and ran average. I was able to scrape into 9th position, but it was ugly! Anyway, I was very happy to tick this off and earn a couple of weeks worth of rent.

From here, it’s into base training. I will be very slowly building the distance in training, and getting ready to peak in Feb-April 2016 for the Continental Cup races around Australia and Asia. As much as this knee injury has set me back, I am looking at it as a weakness that I have had to identify, and I look forward to turning this into a strength. I am doing my rehab work religiously and will be making sure my body is well conditioned and ready to take on 2016.


Back to back weekends of triathlon -ing

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Each time I find myself squeezing into my race suit I seem to be feeling better and better! The past two weeks were no exception - racing the NSW Club Champs last weekend and the Port Stephens Triathlon Festival this weekend.

1st - NSW Club Champs

This was my 4th year racing Club Champs for Hills Tri Club – the tri club I first joined when I started triathlon at 15 years old. I love returning to this race every year and hope that it won’t be too long until Hills finally finish on top!

 Quick summary of the race – 1km beach swim. Sat in the front pack, had a swift transition and hit the bike leg. Sam Douglas pushed the 30km windy and wet bike leg and I was able to stay in contact feeling relatively good for a strong 8km run.

The highlight of the day was having Moya and Gabby show up and surprise me before the race! I thought I had finally escaped her for a weekend being a 3.5hr drive north of Sydney. But, I guess that with a car, an aux cable and a couple of Taylor Swift albums on the Iphone, anything is possible!

Then back to Sydney that night to run the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon on Sunday morning with the Can Too group I coach!

1st - Port Stephens

Last weekend I then backed up and raced the Port Stephens Triathlon run by Elite Energy. Conditions were brutal, which caused the swim leg to be cancelled and replaced by a 4km beach run, followed by a 40km bike and 10km run.

As much as I enjoy the swim, the dynamic nature of triathlon demands athletes to be ready for anything. This is the reason why I love the sport – every race is unique, the training focus is changing regularly and you just have to expect the unexpected!

I ran strongly in the opening 4km beach run, making a small gap but nothing that was going to last over the 40km bike leg with a solid little pack of riders just behind me. I thought last weekends wintery conditions in Forster were a bit gross, but Port Stephens really dished up a hammering for all athletes on the bike leg. I have been running well so just played conservative and safe on the bike in the torrential conditons. Some guys at the front of the race with me pulled the pin after 25kms due the rain but I raced on with Fraser Walsh to the finish of the bike. We got off the bike together and I ran well in the windy conditions to post a sub 29min 10km run. Just joking, the course was about 9km, but regardless I felt fairly strong and controlled throughout the run.

Things are looking really positive at the moment, I’m loving racing and really enjoying training with my training partner Dean Deegan (who had a great race at Port Stephens finishing 4th overall). Uni is also almost wrapped up for another semester… happy days!

I'm back ... Happy Days!

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What a disappointing year 2014 was for me! I fell sick to Glandular Fever for most of the year, unable to put together 2 days of proper training in a row. Not only did I struggle in training but this also affected my headspace big time.  For this reason, my blog has been untouched throughout 2014 as there has been nothing positive to report on!

However in December I started to pick right up and got the all clear from the doc (poor doctor had to sit through a lot of pissed off Kieran visits that year!).

Thanks to the following people who stuck by me all year and helped me get through. Means a lot having these people in my life! (Also big thanks to Joanne Baxas for her constant support)

My family – my rock!

My Girlfriend Moya

And a couple of good mates!

Anyway, being able to train freely again has been unreal. I’m training the best I ever have and I’m starting to put together a couple of good races.

Quick overview of how I have progressed this year:

January: 2nd Nowra Triathlon (turned Aquathon) – Opens
January: 1st Triathlon NSW Sprint Series race 2 – Opens
March: 1st ACT Olympic distance Champs – Elites
March: 3rd Triathlon NSW Sprint Series Race 3 – Opens
April: 1st Triathlon NSW Sprint series race 4 – Opens

Podium at Tri NSW Sprint series

ACT Olympic Distance Championships

With a couple more races over the next couple of weeks lined up, including the Sydney 10, Tri NSW Club Champs and Port Stephens Olympic triathlon, I’m in a good headspace and really looking forward to racing.  2015 is going to be a good year!


Holidays were fun! January Update

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December and January. Always a busy time of year. I spent some tough hours at the beach, on holidays  near Byron Bay visiting Grandparents, camping with friends, and fitting in some solid training!
Training is going really well under guidance of coach Tim. I am very keen to see where the fitness stands when I race Geelong 70.3 this weekend in a smoking hot field. I am starting to freshen up now for the race and can't wait to dig in!

Gross weather for swimming!

Australia Day Fireworks in Sydney. Not too bad!

Bring on 2014!


October Update

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Hey Guys

Just a quick update from the last couple of weeks. I raced at the Moreton Bay Triathlon on 29 September, then backed up for a week of competing in athletics and cycling at the Australian Uni Games on the Gold Coast. As Moreton Bay was only 2 weeks after the Sunshine Coast 70.3, I was unsure how my legs would respond.
I had a solid swim exiting the water in second, 10 seconds behind Joey Lampe. I then rode fairly strongly but the gap opened up to about 45 seconds to Lampe. On the run I felt really flat and was missing the usual spring in my step. I finished 3rd overall in quite an average performance.
Lesson learnt: I need 3 weeks to recover after a 70.3 event.
At Uni Games I was not surprisingly flat again all week. I was pretty disappointed in my performances but I did enjoy myself and have a fun week. By the end of my time on the Gold Coast I started getting really sick. I suffered a cold/virus for just under 2 weeks. I have spent many days in bed and I am now finally starting to feel better again.

Out riding yesterday, loving the feeling of being on the bike after 2 weeks off!

In more exciting news, I have now signed a partnership with organic nutrition company, Optimum Life. I am really excited to start working with this company and incorporating their products into my lifestyle.  For more information on the company and products available, visit:

This is going to keep me healthy and on top of my game!

Coming up for me is the Noosa triathlon (3rd Nov), Kingscliff triathlon (1 Dec) then Canberra 70.3 (15 Dec)


Sunshine Coast 70.3

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I headed up to Mooloolaba last weekend to race my third attempt at the Half Ironman. My mindset leading into the race was thinking about the process over the outcome. If I could follow the race plan I discussed with my coach Tim, and listen to my body during the race, I was hopeful I would produce a solid result in the end. Currently I am not putting too much pressure on myself for 70.3 events, as I know I have a lot of experience to gain over this racing format.

The swim was a beach start, which I loved. I was swimming in the front pack for the first couple of hundred meters but felt really average and got dropped from the lead group of 6. I exited the water 90 secs down on the leader. I have identified with Tim that open water skills and swimming in a wetsuit is something I have to get right and something we will really focus on in the future.

From the start of the bike I was riding with Tim Berkel and Peter Robertson. There were 4 guys up the road and a bunch of about 8 guys in a bunch 2 mins behind. Berkel was given a penalty after about 35kms so from there it was just Robbo and myself. We held the gap ahead of the bunch behind and coming back into town at the end of the bike I opened a little gap over Robbo. I headed out onto the run in 5th place. I learnt from Yeppoon how vital pacing is on the run, so I took the run out slow and built it. I felt relaxed and comfortable during pretty much the whole run and was able to hold the gap to finish in 5th overall.

After my rough introduction to 70.3 racing at Cairns, I put a solid race together for 6th at Yeppoon 70.3 and now to place 5th at Sunshine Coast I am happy to see massive improvements from every race I do. I am really enjoying my training and racing, and with uni almost over for the year, things seem to be heading in the right direction. Thanks to Darryl from Shotz nutrition, who shared some of his knowledge with me before the race and helped me sort out my race nutrition plan. It worked perfectly. As always, thanks to Adidas and UTS Sports for their support.

Results can be found here: